photo faves from NYC

I mentioned recently that I took a trip to Manhattan with my dad and younger brother a few weeks ago. We had such an enjoyable time, despite the fact that it was so much hotter than Florida. It was unreal. My solution to this was to wear decently short shorts and tie up my shirts. My dad however, had no such options. (I felt for him and his half-drenched clothes after being outside for a mere five minutes.) And although I still felt like I was going to melt and become part of NYC's sidewalk, every minute was worth the opportunity to travel to a city I admire so much.

I always snap so many photos when I'm on vacation. My Nikon pretty much lives around my neck. I've tried to narrow these photos down to my top favorites, but out of over 500 photos this was quite challenging! I also excluded any photos of restaurants/foods/us. I decided to save those for another post where I'll review some of the restaurants we went to and include some snapshots of me and the fam. For now, I hope you enjoy these :)

This last photo may just be my favorite, although I still can't really decide. Let's just say that I really, really love it. 

This seems very unrealistic, at least for a long while, but one day I hope to add Italy, Sicily, France, and Scotland to the places that I've been able to travel to.

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled or wish to travel? 


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