a very sleepy thursday

Today is just one of those days.... where it takes everything out of you to even open your eyes, let alone make your way out of your bed that you were so comfortably cocooned in. After a solid hour of continuously pressing snooze on my phone every 15 minutes, I was just barely able to face the sunlight and force myself to lazily get out of bed.

And so the day began. A couple of appointments and some very enjoyable shopping in between them made me forget just how sleepy I actually was. Until I got home, ate lunch on my bed (mistake #1), and pretty much felt like I was glued to my sheets. My initial plan was to eat a quick lunch then head back out to the gym, but due to mistake #1, I've hardly moved since.

Now I'm back to where I started, just wanting to sleep, but very much needing to work out and study. After writing this post, I'm hoping to miraculously find the energy to accomplish those things.

If anyone needs a pick-me-up today, it's definitely me. And possibly you, too. I like to take a look at things that motivate me to achieve my goals, whether it be my to-do list for the day or what I'm working towards for the future. Today, I'm using one of my favorite quotes to help remind me of what I want to achieve, and to just get up and do it. (Even if all I really want to do is sleep!)
I hope this photo of my beautiful (and dearly missed) sunflowers + an awesome quote by Vincent Van Gogh motivates you somehow, too :)


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