nyc + vsco film

I'm a true admirer of everything having to do with film. The tones, the authenticity, the grain... I love it all. While I own an old, vintage film camera, I don't get to shoot with it often. The reality is that I usually shoot with my DSLR, especially when it comes to food. I started using Visual Supply Co's (VSCO) app for the iPhone to quickly edit the photos taken on my phone. I fell in love with the variety of reproducible film looks it offered, and the interface is quick & easy to navigate. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. VSCO created film packs that you download onto your computer for your specific editing software (I use Camera Raw, but they offer it for a few others as well). I was elated! The new film 03 recently came out, consisting of instant films, and I purchased it without hesitation. The presets & camera profiles load into your editing software, allowing you to choose from tons of different films very easily. I'm seriously in love! I got lost in it for hours, exploring & experimenting. I gathered some photos I took in NYC from my last few trips to show you some of the "cold" film looks. For some reason I always find myself loving them. It was also super cloudy & overcast in all of these photos, so the cooler film seemed to work well in my opinion :)

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