hello october

October, you are quite sneaky. How and when did you arrive so quickly? The chilled breeze you bring along with you, the one that strokes your skin & gently sweeps your hair back while walking the streets of the city, is the perfect sign of Fall. You're making me crave pumpkin spice. Every day.

I love it.

And so, let me fill you in. I finally finished physics forever. I moved to New York. I graduated. I moved to New York.

I know I've been neglecting this space. It wasn't my intention in the least of sorts. In fact, I'm a little disappointed with myself. But I've been giving my internship my all, and with the added commute to Brooklyn, this gal is freaking exhausted.

The good news is, New York is my happy place. It's one step closer to everything I see for myself and my future. It holds my dreams. At least I believe so. I'm inspired every day. The weather is starting to feel incredible. The internship, it's wonderful. My co-workers, they're wonderful. I'm learning quite a bit and meeting such lovely and amazing chefs. That's all wonderful, too.

I'm currently searching for a room to rent in Brooklyn. And once I find the right place- the place I can be creative, feel a bit more like myself again, and have time to devote to the things I love- I'll be the happiest girl.

Usually I share recipes and kitchen-related things here, but since I don't have that (insert sad/disappointed/I-really-miss-having-time-to-cook-a-lot face here), I'm doing a bit of link-love and sharing some photos from Instagram.

This pumpkin spice granola from two peas and their pod is everything you want in a healthy, yet captures-the-essence-of-Fall snack. I bought this candle from Anthropologie last weekend. Hello incredible smelling room. The bodega downstairs from work that I have a bit of an obsession with has some plump and juicy concord grapes. I think it's a sign that I need to make these handpies from apt. 2B baking co very soon.


Tomorrow I'm headed upstate for some apple and pumpkin picking! Donuts, cider, (and apple cider donuts) will be sinfully enjoyed. We'll also be having ourselves a nice little picnic either at a nearby park or at the orchard. Oh, how I love you, Fall.


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