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I am loving New York, so much. The lifestyle can be hard sometimes, I'll give it that, but despite the inconveniences, it's a city that is steadily gaining a lot of my heart. And yes, the snow just plain sucks sometimes, but it's also dreamy and magical. And well, that trumps just about anything. 

I've decided to start a new series on the blog: photos & ___. The 'blank' could be thoughts, links, or anything really. Reason being- I'm that girl. You know, the one who needs organization, who works and imagines best in a clutter-free space, where essentially everything in my home has it's own home. And because this started (and still remains most of the time) as a food blog, my nonexistent-yet-might-as-well-should-be-OCD tells me that every thing I post simply must be a recipe, with many photographs, and an ever-intriguing story to go along with it. But I want to be able to share random things (aka the parts of my life that may not include food) with you all and not feel like I am doing this blog any injustice by not adhering to what has become my "outline." Yes. there. I said it. I know there's a good chance that at this point, you may think I'm a little bit crazy. And that is ok because there's a good chance I won't deny it.
I took these one afternoon when I was in the mood to shoot some still lifes of my bedroom. I'm a lover of windows and a lot of light, (if you haven't gathered from my instagram photos), so it tends to inspire me often. My best friends like to tease me about it, but ya know, I'm ok with it.

PS; hello lovely little succulent. I don't know how you are still alive but I am so happy you are!

Happy weekend, everyone :)


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